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ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 2 Important: This Quick Start Guide was written to allow you to complete a basic setup configuration for the Allied Telesyn AT-AR236E ADSL router. At which point you should have access to the Internet via the ISP account that you have already organized. This router was designed to be compatible with the Telecom and TelstraClear ADSL networks. The full product manual can be downloaded from: http://www.alliedtelesyn.net.nz/Products/adsl1.htm Latest New Zealand Quick documentation and SW updates can be downloaded from: http://www.alliedtelesyn.net.nz/products/adsl1.htm ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 3 A. Contents Check that you have received the following items in the AT-AR236E pack. 1. AT-AR236E Router. 2. 240 VAC to 9VDC power adapter. 3. ADSL Phone Cable (BT to RJ11). 4. Ethernet Patch Cable (RJ45 to RJ45). 5. USB Cable. 6. AT-236E Installation Manual and Quick Start Guide. B. Pre-Installation Check that the PC you are using to complete this initial setup has a working Ethernet port and that the IP protocol is installed. Have your ISP account details available. This is to include the ADSL login and password information. Have an ADSL line filter installed onto the incoming telephone line. This can be done once for the premises in which case there will be an ADSL outlet provide by the installer. Alternatively, filters can be plugged into all phone outlets on that line and the phones plugged into the filter. A filter is not required on the phone outlet that the ADSL router is to use. C. Connection Using the Ethernet patch cable connect the PC’s NIC interface to the router’s Ethernet port, an RJ45 socket. Plug the power pack into a mains outlet and connect the DC power cable to the 9VDC power socket on the router. Use the telephone cable to connect the ADSL socket on the router to the ADSL wall outlet supplied by Telecom or to a non-filtered telephone wall outlet making sure that all other telephone outlets are now equipped with filters. Turn on power to the PC and the router. ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 4 D. Getting Started The AT-AR236E ADSL router is configured via a web browser preferably Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. Remember to disable any proxy settings on your Internet Browser. Your PC will require an IP address and the gateway address e.g. IP address = Subnet Mask = Default Gateway = The default IP address of the AT-AR236E ADSL router is Enter this address into your browser’s address bar and press enter. You should receive the Modem Access Screen from the router. Figure 1. Mode Access Page The default logon username is admin and password is admin. The username is already entered for you, type the password admin and click on the “Log In” button. The Quick Start page will appear if the login has been successful. Figure 2. Selecting the Country Page m ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 5 Select the country where this router is to be operated in and click on the “Next” button (Figure 2). The default settings for the country you selected are displayed. To continue, click on the “Next” button (Figure 3). The quick start, Login Settings screen will be displayed. Figure 3. Selecting the ADSL Default Setting of New Zealand Page The ADSL Username and Password supplied by your ISP must be entered into the User ID and Password fields here. When ready click on the “Connect” button (Figure 4). Figure 4. Login Setting Page If the above information is correct and the ADSL line and its filter are correctly installed the router will attempt to establish an ADSL connection to your ISP. ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 6 While this process is underway, a screen stating “Trying to connect to ISP…“will be displayed. Once the connection has been successfully completed the, “Connections” screen will appear. This screen will display the connection name, type, the IP address allocated to the connection and the status of the connection. This can take about 40 seconds. Figure 5. Connections Information Page At this point you should then click on “Save Settings” on the left of the page to save the configuration Next, select “setup” from the top row of tabs (Figure 6). Figure 6. Setup Tab ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 7 you wish to change HCP Configuration” ). Figure 8. DHCP Configuration Page Figure 7. Initial Setup page. You now need to decide what IP address range you intend to use and how IP address allocation is going to be done on your LAN network. By default, the AT-AR236E is configured for the IP address range with a mask of Also by default, DHCP is on. DHCP is an automated method of allocating IP addresses to PCs as they boot up. If either of these settings, click on “D (Figure 8 ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 8 It can take up to 10 seconds for all the fields to show their information. The DHCP Configuration screen allows you to turn DHCP off or on (if you are not sure, leave DHSP on). Click on Apply once you have completed making changes. To change the address of the router or the whole address range, click on “Management IP” (Figure 9). By changing the IP address and mask of the router here you will need to change your “Gateway” setting on the LAN devices E.g. PCs or Firewall. The host name of the router and domain name of the network can also be recorded here. Click on “Apply” (Figure 9) once you have made any changes. Now click on Connection 0 (Figure 10), it may take up to 10 seconds before all the fields are updated with current data. Figure 10. PPPoA Connection Setup Page Figure 9. Management IP Page ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 9 Here we can check the WAN or ADSL settings that have been configured so far. mall changes can be made here quickly without restarting the whole procedure. may be useful to change the name of this connection to something more eaningful or descriptive. Click on “Apply” (Figure 10) once you have completed aking changes. ou should then click on “Save Settings” (Figure 10) to save the configuration. S It m m Y ADSL ROUTER 236E QUICK START GUIDE 1.0 10 E. elp H ce relating to warranties, installation and operation. They will escalate the problem through the appropriate channels. A lways check that the router is installed properly. Check the website for information and how to troubleshoot the router. If you have difficulties contact your reseller or distributor for technical assistan Allied Telesyn New Zealand Distributors are Connector Systems Ltd 5A Pacific Rse Mt Wellington Auckland Free Phone: 0508 Call CSL Website : http://www.connectorsystems.co.nz Email : sales@connectorsystems.co.nz Express Data NZ Express Data NZ Ltd Level 12, Microsoft House 3-11 Hunter Street Wellington Free Phone: 0800 336 427 Website : http://www.expressdata.co.nz Email data.co.nz : sales@express Renaissance Ltd 92 Beachcroft Ave Onehungha Auckland Free Phone: 0800 800 905 Website : http://www.renaissance.co.nz Email : info@renaissance.co.nz Phone: 04 566 4438 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm) Web : http://www.alliedtelesyn.net.nz Emai :support@alliedtelesyn.net.nz Knowledge Base :http://kb.alliedtelesyn.com

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